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Pet & Aquatics At Middleton Store Only

At our Pet and Aquatic information desk, you will find qualified staff to help you with any questions or queries you may have.
We also provide plenty of Free Information Leaflets or guidebooks available for purchase for you to take away and read up on before choosing your pet.
Please note: You must be over 16 to legally purchase any livestock in the U.K. ID may be required.

Pets at All-In-One

We pride ourselves on animal care and welfare and to help your chosen pet to settle in, we offer a 7 day guarantee on all livestock we sell, giving you no worries about early problems regarding health issues.
All the livestock comes from a reliable source of breeders that pride themselves on the quality of their animals, some being regular winners in animal shows. We have worked with the breeders for years. Although we stock a wide range of animals, certain animals may not be available all year through so it is advisable to check first.

Our animal range includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and reptiles.
We also stock a variety of birds including budgies, finches, canaries, cockatiels and occasionally love birds.

To house your pets, we have indoor and outdoor hutches, bedding and quality feeds to maintain a long and healthy life and to keep them entertained we have a range of toys and treats available and are always actively seeking new and innovative products to help enhance you pet's life. View Pet Accessories online.

Email us for Pet Product Enquires.

Download our free information leaflets (PDF files) on all the animals available at All-In-One.
Bearded Dragons Pages 1 & 2
Chameleons Pages 1 & 2
Guinea Pigs & Rabbits
Leopard Geckos Pages 1 & 2

Aquatics at All-In-One

The aquarium department has a huge range of fish tanks available with show models on site. We carry every solution to solve your green water and fish diseases problems and water conditioners and treatments to prevent the problems starting.
We stock a wide range of coldwater fish suitable for an aquarium or pond and a great range of community tropical fish including mollys, platys, neons, plecs and cichlids. As well as amphibians like frogs and turtles, we also offer the more unusual aquatic creatures such as lobsters, shrimps and crabs, all backed up with our 7 day guarantee.

For setting the scene in your aquarium we have an extensive range of ornaments, stone and rooted aquarium plants to suit your needs, be it a small aquarium up to a 6ft tank. View Aquarium Sundries online.

Email us for Aquatic Product Enquires.

Download our free information leaflets (PDF files) on all things aquatic available at All-In-One.
Frogs & Toads
Goldfish Page 1 & 2
Koi & Pond Fish Page 1 & 2
Land Hermit Crabs
Pond Plant Guide Page 1 & 2
Pond Construction Using Liner
Pond Construction Using Preformed Pond
Pond Filters
Pond Pumps
Pond Watercourses
Tropical Aquarium Set Up

Water Features

If you would like a pond in your garden or you have inherited a pond and need help maintaining it then visit our pond department and talk to our fully trained experts. We stock a wide range of plastic ponds available in many sizes and pond liners with a 15 year guarantee.
Pond safety: please supervise children with any water in the garden.
We also stock top brands in pond pumps and filters to help add a crystal clear waterfall or fountain, including guarantees up to 5 years. Planting the pond could not be easier. The extensive range of pond plants including oxygenators, marginals and lilies will add interest and encourage wildlife to the pond.
We have a large range of self-contained fountains with most running on-view, made from lightweight plastic to heavy stone, ornate or classical, including solar and electric pumps. View Water Features and Pond Accessories online.

Email us for Water Gardening Enquiries.

Wild Bird Care

Our Wild Bird Care area offers a huge range of products to help you feed the wild birds in your garden all year round. We stock nuts and a range of selected seed to encourage every native bird. To dispense the feed, we have a great range of feeders that would suit any garden along with a good selection of shelters and nesting boxes to house them in. We even have treats and snacks including seed and insect coco fat feeders, mealworms etc., all to encourage our little feathered friends into your garden.  Don't forget to offer fresh water in Winter as all natural available water freezes. Use a pond island to help wildlife get to the water. View Wild Bird Care Products online.

E-mail for Wild Bird Product Enquiries.