6 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

1. Planting Trees & Shrubs

All Plants remove Co2 from the air and convert it into oxygen. Generally the bigger the plant the more Co2 it absorbs.  We like to call them carbon eaters.  Planting plants and trees, results in you providing your own gas guzzlers, the more you can plant the more you will be reducing your carbon footprint.  Oh and they are also nice to look at too.

2. Buy Houseplants as a Gift Rather Than Flowers

Houseplants filter pollutants from the air making it cleaner to breathe, they also last longer and generally cost less!   We can also gift wrap houseplants.

3. Use a Water Butt

Try collecting rain water from your house's drain pipes.  Store it in a water butt and use it to water your garden during dry spells – this could also help you save money off your water bill.

4. Biodegradeable Carrier Bags

All-In-One uses carrier bags manufactured to the highest envoronmentally friendly standards.  Our plastic bags now have added chalk which reduces the amount of polythene needed plus a biodegradable additive to give full break down in 18 months.

5. Use our Christmas Tree Recycling Facility

All-In-One has been chosen by the local council as a Christmas tree recycling point. Situated in our upper car park for use during opening hours throughout January.

6. Electrical Waste Recycling (WEEE)

Recycle your electrical and electronic devices free at your local recycling centre... read more.

PLEASE help us reduce the amount of plastic bags we give out by using the spare trays and boxes at the till points rather than taking plastic bags or reuse your plastic bag again and again.