All-In-One Card Terms & Conditions

  1. This card has no value until activated and can only be activated at All-In-One Garden Centre.

  2. As a Gift Card the balance can be used as full or part payment for goods* at All-In-One Garden Centre only.  No change will be given but any balance remaining on the card can be used for future purchases.

  3. *This All-In-One Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash or be used for purchases of Garden Buildings, Stamps or Gift Cards/Vouchers.

  4. You will be asked if you would like your Gift Card to be transferred into a Loyalty Card at the point of redemption. To convert a Gift Card into an All-In-One Loyalty Card you will be required to give your contact details including Name, Address, and E-mail.

  5. A Gift card will be valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Any remaining balance will be cancelled on expiry of the validity period and will not be re-credited.

  6. All-In-One Garden Centre will not accept responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged cards.

  7. All-In-One Garden Centre reserves the right to replace or amend the terms and conditions of the All-In-One Card at any time and to take appropriate action, including the cancellation of the card, if in its discretion, it deems such action necessary.

  8. If any product purchased with the All-In-One Card is subsequently exchanged for a product of a lower price or a refund, any money owing will be added to the remaining balance on the card.

  9. If you do not spend the entire balance of the All-In-One Gift Card, the remaining balance along with any All-In-One Card points will be updated after each transaction and shown on your printed receipt.