Pets & Aquatics

Our pet department offers a wide range of quality feeds, bedding and in & outdoor housing, as well as toys and treatments to maintain a long and happy life for your pets.  Our pet range covers accessories for animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles & chickens.

We also cater for wild birds, with an extensive range of feeders, shelters and nesting boxes, as well as snacks, seed & insect coco feeders, mealworms, etc., all to encourage our little feathered friends into your garden.

The aquarium department has a huge range of fish tanks available (with show models on site). We carry every solution to solve your green water and fish diseases problems and water conditioners to prevent the problems starting.  We stock a vast range of aquarium and pond accessories and an impressive selection of water features and ponds, including pumps and filters.

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